We have been working with the Australian company Stalker, Box of Birds and WERC on an experiment Layer, a mixed reality dance work combining live performance and volumetric 3D visuals to explore the fractured nature of human connectedness and identity in times of global self isolation.

Three dancers – two in Australia, one in the Netherlands – will dance together and tell us their stories in an interactive real time 3D space that is both live in front of a theater audience, but is also projected, virtual and screen-based for home viewing.

ShELFISH is working together on this project with the renowned Australian physical theater company Stalker. This company came up with the concept based on the situation surrounding COVID-19 in Sydney and sees an artistic partner in ShELFISH to virtually share this project with. Stalker Theater has been creating highly acclaimed innovative, interdisciplinary, physical and visual theater projects for over twenty years. Their work tours in Australia and around the world. For the past few years, the company has focused on developing the link between live theater, installations and interactive technology, both indoors and on location.

On November 13 and 14 2020, we presented Layer as a work-in-progress simultaneously live in BrandX theater, Sydney and online during Odyssey / Momentum, a 49-hour “hackathon” with more than 2000 participants from 55 different countries. 

On December 4 and 5, 2020, we presented Layer as a live work-in-progress in Grand Theatre Groningen


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Directors: Veerle van Overloop (ShELFISH), David Clarkson (STALKER)
Dramaturgs: Judith Blankenberg (ShELFISH), Margie Breen (STALKER)
Performers: Olympia Kotopoulos (Groningen), Cloe Fournier & Katina Olsen (Australië)
Technique and design: WERC (Olav Huizer, Joachim Rümke & Jelle Valk), Box of Birds (Matt Hughes, Boris Bagattini, Andrew Bluff, Andrew Johnston)
Production: Milan van der Zwaan (ShELFISH), David Clarkson, Billy Cheeseman & Zöé Caldwell (STALKER/Box of Birds)